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Reviews and Compilations

We view our role in the financial reporting process as an opportunity to provide constructive solutions based on a deep knowledge for the presentation of your organization’s financial picture. We believe that the independent examination and assessment of financial practices and internal controls are an integral component of sound fiscal policy. We design our procedures to help our clients manage risk, improve practices, and provide meaningful financial reporting that reflects the organization. We provide financial reporting on two levels of assurance.


  • Review - some analytical procedures conducted with limited assurance. The process of a review of financial information by an outside independent party can be of sufficient comfort for an organization offering reasonable assurance of the accuracy of your financial reporting when the resources are not available to accommodate an annual audit.
  • Compilation - the presentation of financial information in a report format based upon client provided information and used primarily for internal use. We can prepare your financial statements with appropriate disclosures and ensure professional presentation of your financial information.